Sabito Services

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Machinery Sales

Sabito Machinery is an equipment dealer specializing in metal fabricating, metal stamping and CNC tool room and machine shop equipment. We have a fully functional warehouse to start-up machines and take them through their paces.

Asset Remarketing

Being a dealer, Sabito can effectively remarket assets via our extensive end-user database globally.


We are an AMEA and USPAP certified appraiser. Being continuously active on a daily basis, buying and selling machinery in the used equipment market, allows us to have a wealth of current information on market conditions and provide accurate Machinery Appraisals.

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Sabito Asset Verification

In our challenging business climate, fraud is unfortunately no longer a remarkable exception but has become prevalent in asset-based lending scenarios. SAV assists funding providers to identify and avoid potential losses due to misrepresentation of underlying assets, either by intent or in error.

Goodwill Maximization

In a financially stressed situation the ability to maximise goodwill in an exit is paramount. Questions as to delivery, warranty and repeat orders are but a few of the arguments used to depreciate the value of a product and the inherent value of the goodwill of the organisation. Our job is to maximize goodwill and extract every last ounce of goodwill out of the system.

Feasibility Assessment

Corporate well being is what we excel at. We understand what makes a corporation successful and the hard decisions that often have to be made. A feasibility assessment is very much like a medical check-up. We ask a number of questions, conduct a battery of tests, do some probing and based on our findings will provide the stakeholders with an objective and honest summation of the current corporate position and how it is likely to change in the short, medium and long term.

Asset Recovery

We work in conjunction with bailiffs, experienced machinery moving companies, and electrical and mechanical service engineers to ensure that your assets are picked-up and secured properly prior to removal and then placed in a secure storage environment.